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The Strategic

Finance Advisor


We are a Boutique Consulting firm founded by CFOs providing transaction services and best-in-class financial practices to support decision making

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High-level strategic expertise on a part-time basis


Implementing infrastructure in fast-growing environments


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Maria Fierro
15y+ in Finance | Debt & VC, PE Capital | Global M&A | Growth Catalyst
CFO with extensive expertise in Privately held Corporates and Seed to Series B Venture backed companies. Sector-agnostic with stronger background in Deep-Tech, Services and Industry 4.0. Proficiency in on-demand and SaaS/EaaS modelling for both B2B and B2C. Capital connections, mastering fundraising, international expansion and M&A - exited to NASDAQ listed tech Companies-. BoD, Advisor, Mentor and Coach nurturing and accompanying VC portfolios, Founders and future leaders within the companies in driving financial growth and global expansion.
Pilar Casado
20y+ in Finance | Advisor | Fractional CFO | Global M&A
Accomplished CFO, with extensive expertise in privately held Corporates and seed to Series B venture-backed companies. Strong focus and expertise in Health-Tech, Biotech, Diagnostics, and SaaS. With a proven track record in international expansion, fundraising (Public and Private) and M&A. Trusted CFO and advisor to CEOs and founders. A strategic business partner to venture capital firms, steering their portfolio companies towards financial success and sustainable growth.
Olga Tintore
15y+ in Finance | CFO | FP&A expert | Harvard Alumnae
CFO with a wealth of experience in Seed to Series A venture-backed companies. Her professional portfolio extends across a diverse range of industry sectors, with a particular emphasis on SaaS, Retail and Technology. Her proven track record establishing and optimizing operational efficiency in rapidly changing environments demonstrates her capacity to drive meaningful and positive change within the organizations she engages with, contributing to their financial well-being and strategic growth.
Maria Colomar
Financial Controller
Alba Vendrell
Financial Controller